Black People are so black!!

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Black people are so black

Here’s the story. Thai press has been all over the article on People Magazine

that has applauded Lupita Nyong’o to be the most beautiful person in the world this year.

She was born on March 1st, 1983 in Mexico but grew up in Kenya.

Currently, she resides in Brooklyn, New York. She can speak four languages

English, Spanish, and two Kenyan dialects, which are Swahili and Lwo.

She started her acting studies when she was fourteen with support from her family.

She graduated from Hampshire College with a bachelor’s degree in film and theatre studies

as well as Yale School of Drama with a master’s degree in acting.

During her study at Yale, she won the Herschel Williams Prize

, the award given to acting students with outstanding ability.


She admitted that she used to not having confidence in her look because her friends

made fun of her skin color during childhood. It was to the point where she would ask God to make her look whiter.

When she woke up every morning, she found that her prayer was not granted.

However, she started to have confidence in her skin color and started to be proud of it

when she got to know the colored supermodel, Alex Wek.

Nyong’o hopes that her success today will inspire young girls to be proud of their natural beauty.

Currently, she is the first colored ambassador of Lancome.

After hearing about the news, some Thai people criticize her beauty.



Not only they do not think she is beautiful, they also express that those who think that she is are insane.


Many have written racist comments. For instance, “…beautiful and the most black in the world”

and “if I had a skin-headed haircut with charcoal painted all over me, I’d be the most beautiful person as well,”



and so on. Thai people who are pissed by the news argue that Nyong’o is not the most beautiful person.

The poll from People Magazine is based on American’s point of view, do not count Thai’s view of beauty.

It makes more sense to be the most beautiful in the country, not in the world.



They also think that People Magazine probably surveyed caucasians or only Africans in Africa.

Therefore, it is more accurate to say that Nyong’o is the most beautiful person in Africa.

If People Magazine were to complete the survey on Thai people, she would not make it to the top.


They even question if People Magazine is for African American readers.

If black people are beautiful, why ninety-nine percent of women want to be white.


There is a comment asking if ninety-nine percent of women is referred to Thai women only.

Thailand is the only one that obsesses with being white as a lot of Thai women

have spent some fortune on claimed whitening pills.


One comment states that beauty does not depend on skin colors but depends on many thing.

Additionally, Nyong’o has very nice complexion, facial structure,

as well as defined muscles that shape her body beautifully.

She has a fashion sense and is smart, judging from how she appears and speaks in the public.

If these are not enough for her to be beautiful, it is because she is black, isn’t it? Really??

Developed countries do not judge beauty based mainly on skin color.




Racist Thais are against Thais who try to explain how beautiful Nyong’o is.

They challenge other Thais to buy and take pills that would make them black if those pills were made.


They do not see any beauty in black people with thick lips and a wide forehead

that reflects light even after lightening their skin in Photoshop.


Nonracist Thais criticizes the racist Thais that only them, with a third-world attitude,

would consider being white, wearing braces, acting cute, small boobs, and pursed lips beautiful.



One comment asks if black is considered beautiful, why there are only a few African models on magazine covers.


Responses name some names such as Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, Tyra Banks, and Rihanna as examples.


image image

They also consider racism to be unacceptable and evil, only Thailand think that racism is funny.

If those racist Thais were overseas and experienced racism against them, they would know how it feels.



The racist Thais defend that they are not racist; they just prefer white skin over black skin.


People around the world would choose white skin over black. They also criticize the nonracist Thais

to be overly westernized, believing in whatever said by westerners and not contemplating

if Nyong’o is really beautiful as claimed by the magazine.


The nonracist Thais tell the racist Thais not to use their Thai standard to judge international beauty.

People around the world judge beauty based on character, not race.

They also tell the racist Thais to reflect on themselves that it is racism against black people

if they think black skin is never beautiful. They should step outside Thailand and see the whole world

if they assume that all white people always prefer like white skin. In fact, people of colors are quite popular.


Those Thais who judge beauty based on skin tone maintain their ground of white equals beauty.

One of them even compares Nyong’o to tribal people that still live and hunt in forests;

Miss Universe is much prettier than her.


Note that Leila Lopes was Miss Universe of 2011, and she is black.


Ah, how will this drama end? If Nyong’o was born in Thailand, where in society would she be?




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เซ็งว่ะ wrote:

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ป.ล.ตอนแรกกุเหมือนจะมาแบบเหี้ยๆ สุดท้ายกุก็เหี้ยจริงๆ



เก็บความจริงเอาไว้ใต้พรม แล้วตะโกนดังว่า Thailand ไม่เหยีดผิวๆ ๆ @ หืม:


@ เบื่อฉิบหาย:
That’s right. What’s more is there is no “the” Thailand.
There are some exception if the country is composed of several states or several islands like the Philippines, the United Kingdoms, the united states (Notice there is an s at the end.) but there is no “the” Thailand.


ควย 😮
อ๊าฟินจุงเบย :roll:


จ่าโพสอะไรมาเค้าอ่านออกนะแจ๊ะ แต่มันก็เรื่องจริง อาจเพราะว่าคนไทยแดดแรง คนมีผิวขาวจึงดูมีสง่ากว่าเสมือนว่ามีตังซื้่อเครื่องสำอางมาโบ๊ะหน้าเยอะๆ แต่ในฝรั่งเขาผิวขาวอยู่แล้วคนที่ผิวแทนจึงดูมีสง่ากว่าเพราะแสดงว่ามีเวลาไปนอนอาบแดดมากมายนั่นเอง

I know what you’ve said but it’s true.Some people anti dark-skin people. Maybe it’s because Thailand is Hot Land. White skin looks more beautiful but in Europe Zone and other. Tanned Skin looks better than White Skin but in Thailand. Tanned Skin is normal…


ถึงจะดำแต่ผมไม่เล็กนะคับ 😈


Someone please posts this topic on reddit and 9gag. I have not seen an international drama yet.

ใครเอาไปโพสต์ลง reddit กะ 9gag หน่อยสิวะ


Though I’m Thai, this country is never ceased to fascinate me. It’s getting more and more enjoyable to live here.


😮 จ่ารับเงินทักษิณเอาโลกมาล้อมประเทศ
:mrgreen: ไม่ก็เสี้ยนจะไปสอบโทเฟล
❓ ช่วงนี้สถานการณ์ไม่ค่อยจะดี อย่าหาเรื่องสุมไฟเพื่ออุดมการณ์กันอีกเลยนะ จับผลัดจับผลูจะขำกันไม่ออก


@ จำเลย
ผมคิดว่าใช้ any แทน an จะดีกว่านะครับ
@ ChoPin
น่าจะใช้ this country never ceased to fascinate me มากกว่านะครับเพราะมี cease เป็นกริยาอยู่แล้ว

Chubby Activo

America, the land of races diversity is also racist in nowadays, although that’s openly and drastic as same as in 60s.

oh, many American liberal who said and belief in respect to diversity, also like to insult to “white people” (as same as some Thai who like to said “Ai Thai”, but never done anything)

อเมริกาที่กล้าพูดว่าตัวเองคือแหล่งรวมความหลากหลายทางสีผิว ตอนนี้ก็ยังมีการเหยียดผิวกันอยู่เลย แค่มไ่รุนแรงโฉ่งฉ่างแบบช่วงยุค 60 เท่านั้นแหล่ะ

อ้อ ในอเมริกาพวกเสรีนิยมที่ชอบพูดว่า ควรเคารพความหลากหลายทางสีผิวและเชขื้อชาติ ก็แมร่งหีันมาเหยียดคนขาวด้วยกันเอง (เหมือนพวกคนไทยที่ชอบด่าคนอื่นว่าไอ้ไทยๆนี่แหล่ะ)


เบื่ออีพวกชอบสอนแกรมม่าตามกระทู้ภาษาอังกฤษ กูแค่เบื่อและรำคานเฉยๆ ไม่มีอะไร โผล่มาสอนทุกงานอีพวกเนี้ย 555 😈


English version!!!!


It is not just Thai people that judge others from features and wealth. Before you choose to date someone, the fire of love spark when the eyes of you fall for that one, so the appearance is indeed one key to split your date out of the crowd of people. After that is the function of what you call traits. Is not that internationalism? According to Max Weber, People are judged by three different sets of criteria: political, economic (wealth) and social power. so here I as a Thai using research study to proof.

For the article about Thai ‘s racism, while many Thai people believe, pursue on white-skin beauty and condemn on this actress, in Thailand there is very few crimes on racism (considering that there is many foreigner comes here to travel or many of them live here) compare to in Western countries which have many crimes regarding racism, not to mention African slavery in USA and racial policy of Nazi.

Thai people just usually discuss and criticize things with relish to celebrity and even their colleague. We like care-free life. We love to smile like a fool. 😀 We are not rich. That is not the reason why you should judge Thailand discriminately. What you think to Thailand is just racism.

P.S. Sorry for my poor English. I expect you can at least understand main idea and feeling that I HEART-TO-HEART convey by not revise and correct vocabulary and grammar just like what you did to @ babara.
@ Araqius:


Please note that she was announced as PEOPLE’s most beautiful star of 2014. The People magazine didn’t award nor claim that she is the most beautiful person in the world.


จริงค่ะ นิสัยคนไทย บางคน ชอบดูถูก ทำให้คนต่างชาติ มองคนไทยทุกคนดูแย่ไปหมด ดราม่าไปทั่ว ข้าไม่พอใจอะไร ก็คอมเม้นท์ อย่างเดียว ไม่นึกถึงความรู้สึกคนอื่น แต่พอเค้าว่าตัวเองบ้าง ดูถูกตัวเองบ้าง ก็ ทำเป็นรับไม่ได้ จะเป็นจะตาย ด่าเค้าเสียๆหายๆ ลองอ่านในweb ต่างชาติดูสิ
ว่าตอนนี้มีเยอะแค่ไหนแล้วที่เค้าเกลียดคนไทย และก็เพจตามเฟสบุค ที่ตั้งว่าไทยแลนด์ เกลียดนั่น ไทยแลนด์เกลียดนี่ ของร้องเหอะ เราเป็นคนไทย
และก็ไม่ได้ไปเกลียดกับพวกคุณสักหน่อย อย่าเอาคำว่าไทยแลนด์ไปตั้งเพจแอนตี้แบบนั้นเลยค่ะ มันดูแย่นะเราว่า …


I will right away snatch your rss feed as I can’t find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
Do you have any? Kindly let me know in order that
I may subscribe. Thanks.




Please Translate in Thai Language.

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